Original idea and production by Augustin Hardy, Directed by Dimitri Sterkens

The Concept



Dog Tags is an original fiction.

1942. James Evans, a British Pilot, survives the crash of his plane in Nazi Germany. Stealing the uniform of an enemy soldier, he wakes up disfigured by a bomb in a German hospital. He has to survive in the shoes of Otto Siegmann: a German soldier, a husband, and a major figure in the German resistance against the regime.

Original idea by Augustin Hardy, all rights reserved



A Series idea by Augustin Hardy

I came up with the premise of Dog Tags in 2012. Since then, with amazing support and feedback I've received, I kept on developing the story and the characters.

As ideas came along, it became clear that a series format was the most appropriate: the story and characters are calling for it. And now they have a full season of events ready for them.


James Evans

Our main character is a pilot in the Royal Air Force. After crashing behind enemy lines, he steals an enemy uniform. After an allied bomb explodes next to him, he wakes up in the shoes of Otto Siegmann. Surrounded, he has very little chance to survive and fake this identity. Unless Lisa decided to save him.


Lisa Siegmann

She is the wife of Otto Siegmann, and a deeply humanist nurse. She also protects her husband's secret: Otto belongs to the German resistance against the Nazi Regime. Her husband's death not only means her grieving, but his work for the resistance dying with him.




Lisa can reveal the truth. Break the dog tags and turn in James.


Or save James. Save Otto's legacy. Save the resistance.

Stills from the film


Crew and ACknowledgements


This film has been made with the collaboration of a volunteer crew. Their involvement has been beyond our expectations, we would like to deeply thank them for this.


Director:    Dimitri Sterkens

Co-Writer:   Elodie Lossy

Director of Photography:  Johannes Lohmann

Art Director: Eniko Takacs

Editor: Colm McElligott

Make-up Artist: Chantal Mason

2nd Make-up Artist: Amy Kyprianou

Costume Designer: Georgia Clark, Head of Design at Stuff London

Assistants: Alexis de la Grenade, Anna Black

Gaffers: Jelle Bollen, Vianney Kernanet Huggins

Sparks: Christina Lozano

Sound: Sebastian Dressel

Music Score: Laurens Desmet and Attila Csak

1st ADs: Giulia Gandini, Alexandros Tsilifonis, Tom Van Overloof

3rd ADs: Alice Haswell, Veig Bassili, Anita Winzeler

Script Supervisors: Diya Ghosh, Veig Bassili

1st Assistant Camera: Natasha Creamer

2nd Assistant Camera: Ross Brown

Production Assistants: Alexis de la Grenade, Archie Trueger, Harry Louzain, Anthony Whittam

Catering: Anna Black, Griet Mertens

Colorist: Archana Ammal Kumar

Set Photographer: Zozo Luna

VFX: Clément Lauricella


This Film has been crowdfunded via Kickstarter. Thank you to all our backers and supports.